Monday, 23 January 2012

Miles Kane: Glasgow ABC

It had been just over three years since we had heard any new material from Miles Kane when his new album “Colour of The Trap” was released earlier this year.  This was a huge project for Kane as this was his first solo album ever released.  He has always previously had the support of band mates behind him, having been a member of “The Little Flames“, “The Rascals” and most recently “The Last Shadow Puppets” (with Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner). He debuted his solo album at the British festivals this summer and embarked on a UK tour at the start of this month and tonight he was in Glasgow.
As the lights dim, the sound system blasts out Pink Floyd’s “On the run”, sending the crowd wild (and this is before Kane has even stepped on stage).   As Kane and his band take to the O2 ABC stage, the crowd burst into chants and screams and jump to the beat, showing a great sense of appreciation for the Liverpudlian singer.
Firing his way through tracks, such as “Colour of the trap”, “Quicksand” and “Rearrange” from the debut album, Miles Kane impresses us all with not only his voice and guitar playing, but his very presence on stage and the way in which he addresses his devout fans.
Throughout the set, he never falters or becomes lazy in his performance.  He maintains the same energy from beginning to end and ensures the crowd maintains the same pace and energy as he does for ultimate gig pleasure.  The crowd’s energy is actually so strong that at one point, on track “Come Closer“, they manage to overpower the upbeat rocker‘s vocals.
When the set draws to a close and Miles leaves the stage, the crowd makes it clear they’re not ready to say goodbye just yet.  Within minutes and encouraged by chants from the crowd, the man himself comes back on stage and bursts into the most upbeat and biggest hit to date, “Inhaler”.  The crowd, not for the first time tonight, goes wild and sends the Liverpudlian onto his next gig on an incredible high.

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